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Pineapple Campaign

What’s in the Soul Bowl?
Our delicious Soul Bowl has the following ingredients. Whole pineapple (top on), diced pineapple, pineapple fruit silk, honey, yoghurt, Brookfarm muesli, banana chips, dried cranberries, coconut flakes, blueberries and Mint sprig. This product contains 2804 kJs. You can find the Soul Bowl at any Jamaica Blue in Australia. Ask in store for details.
What’s in the Reggae-Tea?
Our delicious Reggae-Tea has the following ingredients. Lemongrass & ginger tea, water, ice cubes, pina-colada syrup, pineapple rings (+ juice), mint sprig with a pineapple skewer. This product contains and contains 470 kJs. You can find the Reggae-Tea at any Jamaica Blue in Australia. Ask in store for details.
What’s in the Ya-Man! Taco?
Our delicious Ya-Man! Taco has the following ingredients. Roti bread, pulled chicken, Jerk BBQ sauce, Jerk spice, water, aioli, pineapple slaw: diced, pineapple, mint, coriander, red & green, cabbage and pineapple skewers. This product contains 1855 kJs. You can find the Ya-Man! Taco at any Jamaica Blue in Australia. Ask in store for details.
What’s in the Caribbean Secret?
Our delicious Caribbean Secret has the following ingredients. Cream cheese, pina-colada syrup, coconut milk, diced pineapples, pineapple fruit silk, Kez pineapple cookies, coconut flakes, mint sprig and a pineapple skewer. This product contains 3233 kJs. You can find the Caribbean Secret at any Jamaica Blue in Australia. Ask in store for details
What’s the Pineapple Punk Kombucha? 
Exclusive to Jamaica Blue, this product is a handcrafter pineapple flavoured probiotic. A bottle contains 106 kJs.
How much is the Soul Bowl?
Our delicious Soul Bowl has a recommended retail price of $12.90.
How much is the Reggae-Tea?
Our refreshing Reggae-Tea has a recommended retail price of $5.50.
How much is the Ya-Man! Taco?
Our delicious Ya-Man! Taco has a recommended retail price of $11.90.
How much is the Caribbean Secret?
Our delicious Caribbean Secret has a recommended retail price of $9.50.
How much is the Pineapple Punk Kombucha?
Our beautiful Pineapple Punk Kombucha has a recommended retail price of $6.00.

Pineapple Day Events - Wear Pineapple, get a free meal or drink!

Which Jamaica Blue cafes are participating in the Pineapple Day events and on which dates?
Pineapple Day events are held every Saturday across our pineapple campaign period (21 Feb-2 Apr 2019). Pineapple Day 1: Saturday, 23 February @ Joondaloop, WA. Pineapple Day 2: Saturday, 2 March @ Myer centre, SA. Pineapple Day 3: Saturday, 9 March @ Doncaster, VIC. Pineapple Day 4: Saturday, 16 March @ Bondi, NSW. Pineapple Day 5: Saturday, 23 March @ Indooroopilly, QLD.
What do I need to wear in order to get my free pineapple item?
Show us how much you love pineapple, by wearing pineapple printed or shaped clothing or fashion accessories.
How can I redeem my free pineapple menu item when I am in-store?
Head into the participating cafe dressed in your best pineapple outfit or accessory. Be sure to show one of our crew members at the counter your item of clothing or accessory to redeem your free pineapple meal or drink!
Can I pick any item from the pineapple menu for my free meal or drink?
Yes, you can! You are entitled to 1 free item from the pineapple menu only.
Can I save this free product to redeem it later?
No, this free item is only valid at the day of the Pineapple Day event.
I can’t make it to any of those cafes, can I still participate?
Yes, definitely! Show us how much you love pineapple by snapping a photo of yourself in pineapple attire (be it a shirt, phone case or even skin as tattoo!) for your chance to win a weekend away to the Big Pineapple Music Festival. Be sure to tag @jamaicablue & #PineappleTribe on Facebook or Instagram to go in the draw to win BIG! Competition period: 21 February - 2 April 2019.

#PineappleTribe Social Media Competition

How can I enter the social media competition?
It's easy! All you have to do is snap a photo of yourself in pineapple attire (be it a shirt, earrings or even skin as tattoo!) and post on either Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag @jamaicablue & #PineappleTribe to go in the draw to win a weekend away to the Big Pineapple Music Festival.
Who can enter the social media competition?
Entry is open to all residents of Australia, aged 18 or over. However, employees and their immediate families of Jamaica Blue Pty Ltd and their associated agencies and companies are not eligible to enter.
What is the competition period?
You can post up your competition entries on either Facebook or Instagram anytime between 21 February - 2 April 2019.
What's the prize details for this competition?
The winner of the #PineappleTribe competition will receive return flights for you & a friend to the Sunshine Coast, QLD where the Big Pineapple Music Festival is located. We will also organise accommodation for 2 and of course, 2 x festival tickets to The Big Pineapple Music Festival for the weekend (24 February - 26 February).
Can I enter more than one time?
Yes, you are more than welcome to enter more than once!
How will the entries be judged?
This competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winners. All entries will be judged individually on their merits based on creativity. The best entry as determined by Jamaica Blue Pty Ltd, will win a prize.
Which social media channels can post my entries to?
You can post your photos to enter the competition on either Facebook or Instagram.
How many winners will be picked?
There will only be one winner picked from the #PineappleTribe competition. The winner can bring along one friend with them to the Big Pineapple Festival, so we will also organise flights, accomodation & tickets for the winners chosen buddy!
What are the travel dates for the Big Pineapple Festival prize?
The winner & their friend must be available & free to travel between Friday, 24 May 2019 to Sunday, 26 May 2019. If the winner (for whatever reason) is unable to travel within the time stipulated then the prize will be forfeited and cash will not be awarded in lieu of the major prize. In this case, we will pick a new winner from the pool of entries.
When will the winner be contacting?
The winner will be contacted by the 12th April 2019.


When will I receive my complimentary slice of cake?
You will receive an email at the beginning of your Birthday month to notify you of your complimentary slice of Birthday cake. This will automatically be uploaded to your card and will expire at the end of the month.
I received an email for a complimentary slice of cake, yet I couldn’t redeem this in store?
There are a number of reasons why this could be: The reward is only valid for the month of your Birthday and the offer has expired. You registered your email to an older card, and have yet to register your new card. Please give us a call or email so we can transfer your details from your old card to your new card.
I have accumulated over 25 points yet my points balance displays less than 25 or zero?
Every time your account reaches 25 points this is converted into a small complimentary coffee voucher so you will never have more than 24 points at any one time. However you can continue to accumulate coffees.
How do I transfer points from my lost or broken card to my new card?
If your lost or broken card was registered online simply click on 'lost card' on the menu tab when you login into your Caribbean Crew account.
What do I do if I lost my card or my card is broken?
All Jamaica Blue cafes will stock new Jamaica Blue Caribbean Crew cards. Simply pick up a new one on your next visit.
I can’t find my verification code?
The verification code is located on the back of your loyalty card. Underneath ‘Crew No.’
I don’t remember my password?
To reset your password please visit:
I haven’t registered my card, can I still use it?
Un-registered cards can still be used in store to accrue points and gain small complimentary coffees but by registering online you will receive a complimentary small size hot beverage for registering as well as a slice of birthday cake anytime in the month of your birthday.
Can I use my Caribbean Crew card in regions outside of the place where the card was issued?
Unfortunately you will not be able to use your Caribbean Crew card outside of the place where the card was issued as the loyalty programs are separate. You will need to register for a new card overseas.
Will I receive lots of emails from Jamaica Blue if I provide my email address?
We will only send you emails which are relevant to your local store and occasional national emails, but you can choose to opt out at any point.
Loyalty terms and conditions?
Our loyalty terms and conditions can be found here.

General questions

How do I find my nearest Jamaica Blue?
Use our store locator to find your nearest Jamaica Blue.
Do I have to pay extra for milk alternatives?
There is no additional charge for full cream milk, skinny milk or soy milk at any Jamaica Blue cafe in Australia.
Why do your prices vary across stores?
At Jamaica Blue cafes, we purchase fresh, local ingredients to create our dishes. Depending on the location of our cafes, will depend on the price of ingredients, which is why our prices vary from store to store.
Are you able to provide catering for events?
Please ask your local Jamaica Blue if they offer a catering menu.
International stores
Please find our international website links below. New Zealand - UAE - China - Malaysia - UK -
UberEats options at Jamaica Blue
Yes you can order UberEats at the following Jamaica Blue cafes: Beeliar - More coming soon!
How to provide Feedback
Jamaica Blue would love to hear your experiences with our stores. You can do this right now by sending us an email at and we’ll ensure your feedback is passed onto the right department.
Trading hours
You can locate our trading hours on our store locator on our website.
Hey You app
Liverpool Hospital are the only Jamaica Blue store participating with the Hey You app. Please check availability on the website.
Job Opportunities
Find out more on being a Jamaica Blue employee on our Careers section.


Are there any opportunities available for new franchise stores?
Our café franchise business model allows Jamaica Blue to be flexible and creative with our different café formats, from fully licensed café businesses and inline cafés to kiosks that all operate successfully within residential areas, commercial towers, shopping centres, airports and hospitals.


Do you sell your coffee beans?
Yes, jump on our website and purchase our Jamaica Blue coffee beans online.
Haven’t received my order?
Please contact us on and provide us with your tracking order or receipt.
How do I track my order?
You should receive a tracking order number once the product is dispatched with our courier.

Nutritional Information

How do I find nutritional and allergy information?
We’re very open about the nutritional value of our menu products. We also understand how important it is to know which allergens are present in the food that you eat. We ensure that nutritional and allergy information is quick and easy to find on our website and in store, so you can check before you order. Find out for more information here:
Do you offer plant milk alternatives?
Yes, all of our cafes offer soy milk. Check with your local café as to what other plant-based milk alternatives they offer.
Do you have gluten free products?
At Jamaica Blue, we do not offer any item as “gluten free”, even though the item may in fact contain no gluten. The reason for this is that we cannot grantee that a gluten free product does not come in to contact with other products in the cool room or cabinet which contain gluten. Please check with your local café for low gluten options.

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