Network Expansion - Jamaica Blue Australia

Network Expansion


There are currently 160 Jamaica Blue café locations worldwide:

  • AUSTRALIA: Opened in 1992; 99 cafés
  • NEW ZEALAND: Opened in 1996; 7 cafés
  • CHINA: Opened in 2005; 11 cafés
  • UAE: Opened in 2009; 8 cafés
  • SINGAPORE: Opened in 2012; 1 café
  • MALAYSIA: Opened in 2014; 15 cafés
  • UK: Opened in 2014; 20 cafés

*Current as of 29th February 2024

Jamaica Blue cafés are primarily located within shopping centres, however, due to the flexible nature of the format, the brand also successfully operates in commercial buildings and hospitals, as well as high street and university locations. Depending on the location, either a kiosk or an inline store format is selected, with a tailored design, menu and local marketing plan for the location. For more details on store formats, click here.


The enquiry form below is for Franchise Partners who wish to purchase a Franchise. If you wish to apply for employment in one of our cafés, please click here.