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Training and Support

Jamaica Blue prides itself on providing a comprehensive training program which is tailored to the individual needs of our franchise partners. We understand that the initial training our franchise partners receive, together with ongoing training and support are the foundations needed to build and maintain your business.

It is for this reason we have developed an innovative training and business program for all new Jamaica Blue franchise partners. The six week training program is led by an experienced team of trainers, business and food consultants to ensure our franchise partners develop the skills, knowledge and confidence required to run your own Jamaica Blue café.


These specialised training courses are delivered:

  • Training Centre: At Jamaica Blue’s state of the art Centre of Retail Excellence
  • Online: Through Jamaica Blue’s E-Learning and communication portal
  • Training Store: At Jamaica Blue’s Training Excellence Café in Sydney
  • Owner’s Store: In-store in the franchise partners’ Jamaica Blue café


Our six week training and business program is unique to Jamaica Blue and comprises of both in-store training and workshops.

  • In-store: An in-depth three week program of training in our Jamaica Blue Training Excellence Café in Sydney. Here you will learn that Jamaica Blue is more than just making coffee; it’s about providing our customers the escape they need in their day. Through hands-on training and real café experience, our franchise partners complete both theoretical and technical training in the following key areas:
  • Culinary Skills including preparation and back of house management
  • Customer Service
  • Barista Training
  • Shift Management
  • Workshops: Designed to ensure our franchise partners have the ability to manage a Jamaica Blue Café. Over 5 days you will attend workshops which will cover the following key areas:
  • Business & Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Menu Design
  • Leadership
  • In-store: On the opening of a Jamaica Blue store, franchise partners will receive an initial ten days of field support by a minimum of two accredited Jamaica Blue Operations Consultants.


  • Additional Ongoing Training: Jamaica Blue provide ongoing training and support in the field, online and at group meetings.
  • In-field visitations by specialised Jamaica Blue Operations Consultants. The consultant to franchise partner ratio is held at 1:12 to ensure franchise partner receive regular visitation.
  • Annual operations training programs, which aim to improve consistency and reward outstanding performance.
  • E-learning training modules which are delivered through the Jamaica Blue E-Learning communication and training portal.
  • Regional Group Meetings where workshops, food demonstrations and training skills are delivered.


The enquiry form below is for Franchise Partners who wish to purchase a Franchise. If you wish to apply for employment in one of our cafés, please click here.