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Excitement Builds as Jamaica Blue Barista Championship 2023 Returns!

Get ready for a caffeine-fuelled spectacle as the eagerly awaited Barista Competition, brought to you by Jamaica Blue, makes its triumphant return. Brace yourself for a display of extraordinary talents, mesmerizing latte art, and an abundance of high-octane enthusiasm.

The Journey of the Barista Champion

The journey kicks off right within our stores, where enthusiastic baristas, who have thrown their hats into the ring, engage in a friendly competition involving the art of cupping six coffees in under 8 minutes. Their performance is scrutinized by our astute business coaches, who evaluate various facets, including the setup of their workstations, uniform presentation, cleanliness, technical coffee-making prowess, sensory acumen, and the grand finale – the presentation of their masterpieces.

This year, over 100 baristas from across Australia and New Zealand have put their skills to the test, and our dedicated business coaches have been conducting competition rounds over the span of two months. The top four baristas with the highest scores under the Jamaica Blue banner have earned their golden ticket to Sydney. There, a thrilling 2-day event awaits them on November 2nd and 3rd, comprising three rounds where they will battle it out for the prestigious title.

A Panel of Coffee Connoisseurs, led by our Head of Coffee, Jeremy Regan, is all set to judge these exceptional baristas. After the scores are tallied, only one will emerge as the ultimate Jamaica Blue Barista Champion.

Why the Jamaica Blue Barista Championship Matters

Each year, the Jamaica Blue community eagerly anticipates the Barista Championship, and here are three compelling reasons why:

Unearthing the Best Barista:

The Barista Competition serves as a platform for identifying the crème de la crème of baristas. The quest for the barista crown commences at the grassroots level of our local stores, where champions emerge. These passionate baristas then embark on a journey through each stage of the final competition, inching closer to the illustrious title of Jamaica Blue Barista Champion. The championship evolves into a relentless pursuit of excellence, culminating in the honor of being crowned as the top barista in the Jamaica Blue family.

Elevating Coffee Expertise:

Our baristas at Jamaica Blue are the backbone of our operation, and their ability to craft inventive beverages, coupled with unparalleled coffee expertise, transforms every brew, pour, and creation into a symphonic masterpiece. The guidance provided by our coffee experts during the competition turns these baristas into ultimate coffee connoisseurs, driving excellence in every cup.

Fostering Bonds Through Coffee:

The Barista Championship fosters a unique sense of community. Baristas from Australia and New Zealand come together, refine their skills, and forge enduring connections through their shared passion for coffee. As baristas collaborate and gain insights from each other and our expert judges, the championship becomes a fertile ground for the community spirit that lies at the heart of Jamaica Blue.