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Winning The Best Brand Transformation Award!

There has never been a better time to get involved as a franchisee at Jamaica Blue. The brand recently won the QSR Media Award for ‘Best Brand Transformation’ of 2019 after the triumphant return to our Jamaican roots. As part of our efforts to constantly revitalise the brand and create innovative marketing solutions, we’ve had a complete overhaul which has vastly improved both our communications and, most importantly, the customer experience.


It’s official: Jamaica Blue is the place to ‘Escape and Refresh’, and this is highlighted by new bold and vibrant branding reminiscent of Jamaica itself. Since the very beginning of Jamaica Blue’s story 25 years ago, the brand has had an unbreakable connection to the country, thanks to the world’s finest coffee that we use directly from the Blue Mountains there. In turn, this also lead to a connection to Jamaica’s distinct culture. These are facts that General Manager for Jamaica Blue, Drew Eide, has been keen to point out.

“Over time we have strayed somewhat from that important connection, so we have taken a path back to our roots and rediscovered what we love about that amazing place and our offer. The result is a really exciting design and experience led overhaul for our customers and early results from the initial roll-out are exceptionally encouraging,” he said.


How did Jamaica Blue impress the judges? It was a matter of innovation. We took an entirely fresh and modern approach to a much-loved Australian brand. While we’ve been delighting cafe culture customers for almost three decades; we’ve really taken into account changes for the contemporary market.

Our new way of thinking involves every aspect of the business – we’ve thought of just about everything! From our typeface and colour palette to the store fit-outs across our franchise network, everything will follow the same theme. If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee, the food and drink you serve will have a Caribbean twist; right down to the music you can play for your customers! Jamaica Blue is proud of its heritage and business model and we will continue to be passionate about every aspect of it.

As part of this, we’ve taken our existing logo and given it an up-to-date twist by adopting the triangles of Jamaica’s national flag in addition to representing the Blue Mountains of Jamaica as well. Our creative assets will be used in all of our future offers and campaigns, which will really attract customers.

Melissa Wei, Jamaica Blue’s Marketing & Customer Experience Manager said that the creative work has all been executed with the customer in mind, as part of a customer experience framework that helps connect the brand with those who visit each cafe. Frost* Collective had a hand in securing the win.

“It is our guiding light and we are delighted with the results. Winning this award provides enormous encouragement for us to deliver what we love at Jamaica Blue with revitalised enthusiasm to our marketplace,” she said.

If you’re interested in becoming a Jamaica Blue franchise owner and benefitting from the help of an award-winning marketing team, check out our list of available locations across Australia.