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What Are The Main Challenges Of Owning a Café Business?


For those of you that have recently opened up a café business, and this is a fair few as cafés and coffee shops in Australia have experienced an annual growth rate of an impressive 7.4% over the past 5 years, you will be well aware that owning a café business isn’t just about serving flat whites and delivering great customer service.

The actual running of an independent café business involves much more. You are in charge of interior design, logo, name and brand creative, sourcing and making your food and beverages, marketing, hiring and training staff, implementing your till, tracking your income and expenses and other technologies as well as the overall operations of your café… just to mention a few! This is all after you have selected your site location, negotiated with landlords, researched trademarks, finances, laws, regulations and everything else that comes with running a business.

Owning a franchise business, such as Jamaica Blue™, allows you to experience the benefits of owning a café business whilst offering you the reassurance that the majority of these technicalities have already been addressed. As a Jamaica Blue franchisee you are provided with an ideal balance of freedom and support, allowing you to make your café business your own whilst leveraging off the status and brand that Jamaica Blue has built up for over two decades.

The Development Managers at Jamaica Blue deal with scouting locations and all the negotiations with landlords, leaving you with a choice of desirably located sites that are ready to go when you are. Alongside this, interior layout, national marketing and product sourcing are all organised for you, eliminating the need for trial and error. Staffing is the next hurdle to come across. When opening a café business it is important that you hire the right staff, with the right skill set and attitude. Ultimately the staff you hire is your decision, however the Head Office team at Jamaica Blue is there to advise and guide you through the process and deliver training to you and your staff to prepare for your opening.

With a franchise café business, like Jamaica Blue , you can therefore focus on what is truly important when running a business; your passion for the industry, keeping your customers happy and your future. With an experienced Head Office team that are just one phone call away, Jamaica Blue might just be the missing link between you and your future as a successful café owner.