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The Café Franchise Causing a Splash in New Zealand

For many New Zealanders, opening a successful café is a dream. The perks of a finding a winning formula are tempting…being your own boss, establishing a relationship with regular customers. Not to mention the accompanying pride of operating your own thriving business. Yet in a competitive market, how do you ensure that you actually do have a winning formula?

Jamaica Blue have been expanding in the New Zealand coffee market over the last few years. So just who are they and what kind of support do they offer to their owners?

Jamaica Blue is part of the Foodco Group, one of Australasia’s top food retail franchise networks. It has been operating for over 26 years – during that time the group has thoroughly experimented with different business models, recipes and marketing strategies. It’s this experience which has refined their approach and helps give their numerous franchisees a high chance of success.

Since it first opened in Australia in 1994, Jamaica Blue has become a byword for delicious, contemporary dishes and great coffee. It was founded on two simple beliefs: to use the freshest ingredients available locally, as well as the very best coffee. This recipe for success has been compounded by the comprehensive business support they offer their franchisees.

Franchising is an appealing option for budding café entrepreneurs. Buying into a brand like Jamaica Blue gives you access to a tried and tested business model. They also offer accessible and flexible training via a number of different platforms that will provide you with the fundamental skills needed to run a successful café. That means that even if you don’t have industry experience, Jamaica Blue will be with you every step of the way.

Another perk is that you can choose a site location that will fit in well with your lifestyle. While you’re part of a thriving network, you still have autonomy. So, while you will still have the independence to make decisions within your own business, you will have significant support to ensure that you achieve market prominence.

It’s a recipe for success that has seen Jamaica Blue go from strength-to-strength: there are currently 172 café locations worldwide, with 8 cafés already in New Zealand.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Jamaica Blue New Zealand family, find out more now about local opportunities.