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The Best Types of Coffee Shop For Sale

As the coffee culture continues to grow, finding a great coffee shop has become extremely important to many Australians. It’s the place they can relax, catch up with friends and, most significantly, enjoy a quality cup of coffee.

What is it that makes a coffee shop great?

From the atmosphere to the customer service and quality of products, there are many aspects that make a coffee shop great. Most people choose to visit a coffee shop based on its reputation, which is why many choose to invest in a café franchise. With a café franchise business, such as Jamaica Blue™, the brand’s name is already widely recognised enticing customers with its well established reputation.

What else can you expect from a Jamaica Blue café?

Ambience. Each Jamaica Blue café is expertly designed and fitted to create the best ambiance possible. With interesting interiors unique to Jamaica Blue and lighting, furniture and fixtures all taken care of you can feel confident that your Jamaica Blue café provides the perfect time out for all your customers.

Service. All Jamaica Blue franchisees are provided with comprehensive training in a real Jamaica Blue café. It is this training that produces the skilled baristas and chefs that supply award-winning products and an overall great coffee shop.

Award-Winning Coffee. Jamaica Blue’s coffee is roasted in the largest coffee roasting facility in the southern hemisphere. Master Roaster, Jeremy Regan, ensures the right beans are selected from coffee growing regions around the world and blended and roasted to perfection. All Jamaica Blue baristas are then trained to extract the perfect cup for each customer.

Passion. When you love what you do your career becomes a passion. Something you can’t imagine being without. If you are passionate about running a café business, meeting locals and making a difference in your community then a Jamaica Blue café business might just be the perfect opportunity for you!