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Keeping Things Fresh At Jamaica Blue

At Jamaica Blue, we never stand still, and our brand is constantly evolving to meet the changing market and consumer dynamics. In light of that, our current pineapple initiative is the first campaign to bring our latest brand refresh to life. When you invest in a Jamaica Blue franchise opportunity, you benefit from being part of a brand with a vibrant culture and plenty of innovation from our marketing and operations teams to keep your business relevant for your customers.


Jamaica Blue is celebrating its rich history and going back to its roots, which means reconnecting to our Jamaican heritage in a contemporary way. We offer a place to escape and refresh, by bringing the best of Jamaica to our guests. This means a warm, friendly welcome, coffee at its very best and fresh, flavourful food in a relaxed oasis.

We welcome our guests with all the freshness, flavour and warmth of the Caribbean with a delicious limited-edition pineapple menu. The pineapple has always been central to the Jamaica Blue story – it was part of our original logo and hand-painted on all our crockery back in the early ‘90s when we first started franchising. (PIC) Furthermore, the pineapple is a very important fruit in the Jamaican culture. In Jamaica, the pineapple is used as a gift of welcome. Also, as pineapples are actually ‘multiple fruits’ (they’re a cluster of berries), they act as a metaphor for the Jamaican motto – ‘out of many, one people’.


Jamaica Blue has always been evolving as a brand. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience. Our customers tell us that they love Jamaica Blue, but not everyone knows the story behind our brand. We have a wonderful opportunity to share the story behind our name. We want to educate our customers on our unique positioning – only Jamaica Blue offers the freshness, flavours and relaxed charm of Jamaica. This is reflected at all stages of the customer experience including environment, brand, digital, food & drink and, of course, world-class service.

We are making our customers aware that our coffee comes from the Jamaica Blue Mountains, widely regarded as home of the best coffee in the world.

The category that we operate in is very competitive and it is more important than ever to stand out from our competitors. Customers need to know our unique story.


Celebrating the pineapple is such a great theme; everyone loves it! Franchise partners have decorated their cafés with pineapples, crew members have dressed up in pineapple outfits and so have our customers. At selected cafés, we’ve challenged our customers to prove how much they love pineapple, so if they come into our cafés wearing pineapple (clothing or fashion accessories), they get rewarded with a free item from the pineapple menu.

Customers love the products as well. Our Soul Bowl is stealing the show on Instagram and the Caribbean Secret that was created by our franchise partners in Secret Harbour, WA is one of our best sellers at the moment. Plus, the Ya Man! Taco with BBQ pulled chicken has amazing flavour and is a big hit with customers.


Extremely important. The world around us is constantly changing, and businesses like ours can no longer simply sell products, we must create a memorable and unique customer experience. This blurs lines between industries; meaning that we’re not only competing with café chains and independents (within our own industry), but also with leading lifestyle brands. The way these brands shape their customer experience has a huge impact on the Jamaica Blue customer’s expectations. In order to keep a strong relationship with our customers, it is therefore essential to keep innovating to be able to compete with standards created by leaders within the retail sector.

One way that we’re innovating further is by introducing the Jamaica Blue app that will contribute to creating a seamless and efficient experience for our customers. The app, which will be available later in the year, will offer them the option to skip the queue and order ahead online. It also takes our loyalty program to the next level by digitising it. It is a way to surprise our loyal customers by rewarding them with unique offers and special extras directly.

There are currently a number of Jamaica Blue opportunities available across Australia. Enquire today about starting your journey!