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Jamaica Blue Goes Global-Local in New Zealand

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved. From our humble origins in 1992, Jamaica Blue has grown into an international network with 172 contemporary, stylish cafés across the world. Ten of those are now operating in New Zealand, with further expansion afoot.

The name “Jamaica Blue” conjures up a relaxing haven, full of flavour and character. It comes from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, a premium coffee-growing region, where the special variety of bean grown accounts for less than 0.1% of the world’s coffee production. This exclusivity has led to the production and strong reputation of our award-winning coffee.

However, tapping into the local market is just as important to us as our exotic coffee beans. We were founded on a belief in using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients and putting a regional imprint on all of our franchises.

Leading industry information platform Franchise New Zealand recently highlighted how our dedication to freedom and flexibility allows our franchisees to put their own spin on the brand – to great success!

One inspirational story is James Xu, 36, who runs the world’s busiest Jamaica Blue at Auckland Hospital. Even though the former motor mechanic had no background in hospitality, with comprehensive training and support he has become a master of the art.

While a hospital conjures up images of sterile medical equipment and white-washed walls, the contemporary fit-out of the Auckland Hospital Jamaica Blue adds some much-needed warmth for customers. With quirky Jamaican touches and world class coffee, it is an oasis for those seeking respite. With an in-house kitchen, James and his staff also prepare mouth-watering food from local ingredients, plus display inviting cabinet items.

With plans to expand in New Zealand, we’re looking for dynamic new franchisees who are keen to put their own spin on a much-loved brand. NZ General Manager Jon Hassell says that what they’re really looking for are entrepreneurs with a flair for innovation, “the qualities that people enjoy in vibrant independent cafés.”

As we provide extensive training, a background in hospitality isn’t necessary – the essentials are a lust for life, good food, coffee and people!

Each Jamaica Blue café is designed specifically for its market and location, whether it is in a hospital or shopping centre, a kiosk or a sit-down café.

If you’re interested in unleashing your creative side with Jamaica Blue, there are currently opportunities in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch and Queenstown. Get in touch with us today for more information!