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How much influence do I have over my Jamaica Blue café business?

As a Jamaica Blue™ café owner you are in control of the overall running, operations and management of your business. In addition, as no one knows your customers better than you, you are also encouraged to design your menu and product mix around your customer’s preferences and what sells best in your café.

As always, training and guidance will be delivered throughout your time as a Jamaica Blue café owner in regards to the menu design and anything else required to ensure the smooth running of your café business.

All Jamaica Blue franchisees benefit from regular national marketing campaigns promoted through both digital and traditional means. How you promote your business locally is up to you. Many Jamaica Blue café owners find that they soon become an important part of the community and, as such, are involved in many local fairs and events. Of course, word of mouth acts as one of the most effective local area marketing strategies available, which due to the award-winning reputation of Jamaica Blue, you can benefit from.