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Franchising: So Good, Ken’s Done It Twice!

Running an independent business isn’t for everyone! Luckily, there is another way. Franchising provides the opportunity to own your own business and grow your professional skills, while also having the support of an established brand behind you so you keep learning and growing. Ken is a Jamaica Blue franchise owner in Bull Creek, and he’s had the experience of running both independent businesses as well as franchise businesses .

We asked Ken what he enjoys most about working in hospitality, “I’ve been working in this industry for over two and a half decades, its something I keep coming back to, being part of people’s day, the fast paced nature of hospitality is contagious” he commented.

Jamaica Blue Bull Creek is Ken’s second franchised business; he ran Jamaica Blue Rockingham for six and a half years! “I sold the Rockingham store because I thought I’d try my hand at running some independent business which i did, each of them a little under 3 years, I was ultimately drawn back to the Jamaica Blue brand and the franchise system” Ken Said.

When asked why he returned “it was simple, I’ve always been passionate about the brand and the concept, the innovation and the skills and training I continue to grow when working as a franchisee and that keeps me coming back!” Ken says.

Providing excellent customer experience has always been important to Ken, and this aligns with Jamaica Blue’s core values. Jamaica Blue stands apart from the crowd when it comes to innovation and providing the best and freshest products with consistency. Ken commented that “Being part of a bigger team and a large network ensures that I’m always receiving ongoing support to do things bigger and better every time”.

If Ken had any advice for potential franchise owners, it would be this: “Embrace the brand and support. You should see reward if you’re consistent and passionate and can manage a great team.”

Ready to take a page out of Ken’s book and find out about our opportunities for yourself? Check out a list of Jamaica Blue available locations.