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5 Reasons To Join Jamaica Blue’s Innovative Franchise

Jamaica Blue is a franchise that thrives on innovation with 119 stores across Australia and 26 years of award-winning service on the record. It’s only natural that a business of this calibre is constantly in search of the next step, whether it’s in their business processes or exciting on-trend products. But as you will soon find, the benefits of being a Jamaica Blue franchisee only starts with the innovation — and offers so much more!

Here are the five reasons to join Jamaica Blue’s innovative franchise.

No experience necessary

Absolutely no experience is necessary for running your very own Jamaica Blue cafe. When you join the franchised business, you receive comprehensive training that covers everything from:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Operations

The training has specifically been designed to prepare each and every franchisee to run their own store, refined over years of discovering what works best. Just one aspect where Jamaica Blue’s systemic innovation shines through.

You’ll never be alone

Franchise owners receive benefits that ordinary single business owners are not readily provided. Most notably is Jamaica Blue’s support system which is present from the very beginning of the franchisee experience. Guidance from the Jamaica Blue operations team, regular group meetings, biennial conferences, regional group meetings and everything else in between — this integrated resource innovatively provides franchisees with valuable insights as a blueprint of owning a franchised business. Running your own business will never feel like a singular venture with the complete support of Jamaica Blue behind you.

The award-winning reputation

Jamaica Blue has a footprint across Australia — and beyond! Having served customers for over 26 years, joining the Jamaica Blue franchise is joining a nationally recognised brand celebrated for its customer service, branding, and overall innovation in this space. Just recently, this included taking home the QSR Media Award for “Best Brand Transformation” of 2019. Previous to that in 2018, Jamaica Blue was the recipient of eight (8) Golden Bean Awards for its signature blend. Armed with marketing support to help at the local level in addition to the years of hard-earned accolades, you have the opportunity to represent the Jamaica Blue brand at its very finest.

Did we mention the innovation?

As we have already established, Jamaica Blue is a company that thrives on innovation, constantly thinking about the most effective and impactful next step. And as such, the wider business is always looking for ways to improve as a whole. Not just in terms of streamlining business processes, but exciting new products that taps into current trends and spikes customer interest (like the latest Blue Latte). Staying on your toes and welcoming change are the seeds of growth. Which brings us to the final point…

Jamaica Blue is only growing!

With a global network of 165 locations and counting, what started as a humble operation named after the Blue Mountains of Jamaica — a premium coffee-growing region where a special variety of bean is sourced — has since become a franchise with international presence, world-class coffee, and prestigious accolades.

The real question is… are you ready to take the next step? Fill out the enquiry form here to find out how YOU could be the proud owner of a Jamaica Blue cafe. Browse the available locations now to get your first pick of stores!