Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading the app

Where can I download the Jamaica Blue app?
You can download the Jamaica Blue app on IOS or Android through the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Does the app work for all phones?
Our app will work on IOS devices and most popular Android devices. Customers who have devices such as Oppo which use Android derivative software may not be able to download the app.

Jamaica Blue Loyalty

Where can I find Loyalty terms and conditions
Our loyalty terms and conditions can be found here.
Why do you need my email address?
Your email address allows us to send you reminder emails when your order is ready, as well as help you reset your password and find out about new offers and rewards.
Can I use the same email address on multiple accounts?
It’s important to note that one email address can only be used for one account. Members are unable to make multiple accounts on multiple devices using the same email address.
How do I update my account details (name, email address, mobile number, password)?
You can update these in the My Details section. You can also do this via the Jamaica Blue website.
How do I delete my account?
To delete your account you can contact Jamaica Blue directly through the app ‘contact us’ form, our website feedback form or via Facebook Messenger. Our team will be able to assist you.

Jamaica Blue Loyalty Rewards

What does the QR code do?
This QR code connects purchases to your account. When you make a purchase at Jamaica Blue, you gain points towards a loyalty reward by scanning your QR code at the cafe counter.
Where will my Offers appear within the app?
All of the offers and rewards can be found if you tap ‘rewards’ which can be found at the base of the home screen of the app.
How many Offers can I redeem at one time?
You can redeem as many eligible rewards as you like in a single transaction through online ordering or in the Jamaica Blue café.

Online Ordering

What is Mobile Ordering?
It’s the best thing ever, you can place your order and pay ahead of time on your Jamaica Blue app. Once your order is ready you can pick it up from your chosen café.
Where is Mobile Ordering available?
Mobile ordering is available at selected Jamaica Blue cafes in Australia when you order through the Jamaica Blue app.
How do I know if Mobile Ordering is available in my area or at my favourite Jamaica Blue?
When you start a new order on the Jamaica Blue app you will be given the option to choose a café to pick up from. If your favorite café is not available, it will not show up as an option to order from.
What menu items are available for Jamaica Blue Mobile Ordering?
Jamaica Blue has a developed an app specific menu with all your favorites. Download the app today to check it out
Is there a minimum number of items I need to order?
Not at all, there is no minimum order.
Can I change my order?
You can change your order at any time before completing the order payment.
Can I cancel my order?
Once the order has been completed and payment has been made you can’t cancel the order.
Where do I collect my order?
When you reach the café you placed your order at please head to the orange PICK UP sign.
Can I send my order to a Jamaica Blue now and pick up later?
You sure can. When you start an order, you can choose what time that day you’d like to pick it up.

Cashless Mobile Payment

What type of payment cards can I register to use with Mobile Ordering?
Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
How to do I add, remove, and edit payment card information?
You can add payment card information when you check out from an online order before completing payment on the app. If you want to remove a card please click on the feedback button and speak to our team.
When is my payment card charged?
Once the order has been accepted by the café, the payment transaction will be complete.
What if I want a refund?
If you require a refund, it’s recommended that you speak the café you ordered from directly. You can speak to them in the cafe or call them directly.
How do I get a receipt for my order?
When you pick up your order in the cafe you will find the receipt stapled on the bag. If not please ask at the café.
Are the prices in the Mobile App the same for all cafe locations?
The prices of app menu items differ depending on the café you choose to order from.

App & Account

What account info can I access in the Jamaica Blue App?
You have access to your name, email, password, mobile number, credit card information and date of birth, found under the My Details section.
Can I save or favourite my orders?
You sure can, simply tap the heart icon in previous transactions once an order is complete.
Can I reorder my most recent order?
You sure can, simply tap 'orders' on the bottom menu bar of the app. Then tap history.
Is kJ information available in the App?
Absolutely, all menu items have kilojoule information available. You can check all allergen and nutritional information on our website and quickly access this by selecting the Food & Nutrition option in your Jamaica Blue App.

Notifications & Error Messages

Why am I seeing an error message about my payment card?
If an error displays, please check that your card information is correct, Try a different card or contact your bank.
What happens if an item I selected is unavailable when I try to Place my Order?
On occasion if a café runs out of a product it will be marked as sold out. In that case we recommend selecting a different menu item, sorry.

Location Services

What are Location Services?
Location services allows the app to know where you are.
Why should I turn on Location Services?
Location services allows the app to help you find your closest café when purchasing via the app

Feedback/Contact Us

How can I provide feedback on my App/Mobile Ordering experience? How can I contact Jamaica Blue?
Absolutely, after your order has been completed you will be prompted to rate your experience. You can also contact us directly via the app side bar 'contact us' or right here on the website. For a really fast response please reach out to us on Facebook Messenger Chatbot.