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Why Own a Franchise Café Business?

There are numerous reasons why starting your own business is a great idea. You have control over your time, the hard work you put in is into your own business and you have the freedom and opportunity to be more innovative. These points aside, there are even more benefits when choosing to start your own franchise business, particularly within the café industry.

1. It is established with systems and recognition. With an estimated one in three new businesses failing within their first year, the strength of an established café brand provides a sense of security, making owning a franchise café business a valid and desirable option to consider. As a nationally recognised and highly regarded brand, Jamaica Blue™ have built on and established their status over a period of more than 20 years. Within this time industry and operational expertise has grown allowing for Jamaica Blue to create a strong and effective support and training system for its franchisees. In addition to this, franchise owners also experience the freedom and perks that come with running your own business allowing for an ideal balance of an independent style café alongside an experienced and supportive network.

2. Buying a café is a social business. Running a café is much more sociable than your average desk job. One key attribute for success is to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere within your café to first attract and then keep customers. There are few things as enjoyable as finding the perfect café, where you know the service will be good, and you can relax and enjoy your morning, lunchtime or weekend coffee and food. Unlike most industries, the café scene is one that appeals to almost everyone. You are, therefore, likely to find that through owning a café business you will come to meet an amazing variety of people ranging from students, professionals, stay at home parents and their children as well as retirees. It is fair to say, therefore, that by running a café business, such as Jamaica Blue, you will encounter an abundance of personalities, stories and even friends.

3. A café business is a dynamic opportunity. Each and every day will be different, as will the variety of people you serve making each day interesting. Alongside this, the industry itself is continuously moving forward with new trends and products regularly evolving. Today, your average coffee consumer’s knowledge on their favourite beverage has become pretty substantial. This makes serving award winning coffee a significant point of difference. As part of the Jamaica Blue café network, you will be trained with barista skills, teaching you how to serve Jamaica Blue’s award winning coffee consistently, enticing customers to make your café their regular coffee shop. It is important to serve great coffee made by quality baristas, all of whom will need to continuously update their range of skills in order to provide customers with the latest coffee trends and requirements. These may include texturing and foaming almond milk and soy milk, all of which require different methods and skills. Both varieties of milk, along with a range of coffee styles, are served at most Jamaica Blue cafés ensuring the brand is on trend and adhering to customer desires.

4. Even in low periods, the café industry has been resilient. For many Australians, ‘Coffee Culture’ plays a significant part of their everyday life, with many ordering the same coffee from the same café as part of their daily routine. Consumers are still likely to purchase their daily coffee even in periods of downturn, as many feel they need it to have a productive day. Research suggests this tendency is not expected to slow down either. Revenue from the café industry is expected to increase by 2.5% annually over the next 5 years to reach a total income of $6 billion per year in Australia alone. As our lives become more and more busy, demand for convenience food and drink combined with a space to escape and relax, available at any Jamaica Blue café, has become a driving factor for success.

5. A café business is a fast paced and growing business to own. Figures are difficult to argue against. According to reports published by IBIS World, alongside an expected increase of revenue over the next 5 years, the café industry itself is expected to grow approximately 7.4% within the same period. Statistics from the past 5 years have recorded an exceptionally strong growth, with particular focus on 2015-2016, which is set to increase by 3.2%! This industry growth is largely attributed to our generation of Millennials, who although are opting for cheaper value meals, will eat out more regularly, choosing to dine out over former popular pastimes such as going to the pub. According to the Foodie Nation Report, Millennials (those born between 1980 – early 2000’s) ‘eat more meals out of home per week than any other generation’, making this particular group of customers a great target for cafés. As the Millennials are all about getting the best value for their money, loyalty programs and offers are highly effective. Jamaica Blue adhere to this trend by providing the Caribbean Crew™ loyalty program to all customers offering 1 point for every dollar spent at the café in addition to a complimentary slice of cake on their birthday.

Jamaica Blue are always thinking about how to do things differently. They are literally turning the retail franchising space around; in some stores franchisees have turned cash registers around to be alongside the customer. Jamaica Blue take pride not only in perfecting the franchisee experience, but the customer’s too.

So, why else is Jamaica Blue different to other café franchises?

No two menus are the same. This is one aspect where franchisees really get to showcase their own personal touch. Each franchisee, along with help from Jamaica Blue’s skilled operations team, decide on what food and beverage options would suit their particular demographic allowing for a truly personalised and unique experience. Your journey with Jamaica Blue is accompanied by operational support, knowledge and an experienced team, all just a phone call away if they aren’t already onsite with you.

If you’re interested in owning and operating your own Jamaica Blue café, fill out the enquiry form here to get started.