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Why Choose A Franchise Over Going It Alone?

With one in three small businesses failing in their first year it is not surprising that many have opted for a franchise business for their first business. After speaking to our existing franchisees here are some of the reasons why they chose to buy a franchise over ‘going it alone.’

Low failure rate. Starting out a business is risky. Around 33% of first year businesses result in failure. According to Franchising Australia less than 2% of new franchises fail in their first year.

Product Development. According to current Jamaica Blue™ franchise owners, one of the most prominent benefits of joining a franchise is the continuous development and improvement of products. The Head Office team, with the help of franchisees at Jamaica Blue are continuously working on product development, innovation and amending menus to cater to customers’ changing dietary needs and consumer trends.

Advertisement. As part of an established franchise system you will benefit from national and local marketing and advertising with regular campaigns and new product launches. The Head Office team at Jamaica Blue provide premium marketing materials for all Jamaica Blue cafés showcasing the brand’s unique character and award-winning products. Whilst as a private business owner you can expect to spend a lot of time and money on organising this yourself.

Training. For those thinking of opening a café business, but are lacking the necessary skill set and have no previous experience, joining a franchise is the perfect option. Jamaica Blue provide franchisees with comprehensive training in areas covering marketing, management and product development as well as teaching the fundamentals of running a café including food preparation and barista skills. Franchisees will be equipped with all the business knowledge and skills needed run their own business confidently. For those who have chosen to start up a business privately foundations such as staff training and management may seem quite strenuous, particularly if this is your first business. Research suggests only around 10% of Jamaica Blue franchise partners have owned a business previously, giving an indication of the calibre of the training provided which leads to successful café ownership. For more information on training click here.

Brand Awareness. Getting your new business recognised can be a major hurdle. By joining a well established franchise this obstacle is reduced. Jamaica Blue have over 22 years of industry and brand building experience which, as a Jamaica Blue café owner you will benefit from. As a brand Jamaica Blue have over 150 cafés in 7 different countries showcasing the Jamaica Blue name and quality products worldwide! From its humble beginnings in 1992, Jamaica Blue has gone on to achieve countless awards and a loyal customer base. By joining such a well established and widely known brand you are bypassing over 22 years of brand building work allowing your Jamaica Blue café to open as an already nationally recognised and highly regarded business. Click here to find out more about Jamaica Blue’s network expansion.

Support. It is important to have a strong support system when opening a business, not only from loved ones but also on a professional level. By joining an established franchise you can expect to receive initial and ongoing support from the Jamaica Blue’s Head Office team who are invested in growing each franchisee. As part of the Jamaica Blue franchise team you will receive ongoing support whenever needed through a variety of means. Jamaica Blue hold regular marketing conferences designed to present you with any new or key market and brand information. Alongside all of this Jamaica Blue franchisees have access to the Jamaica Blue intranet platform on which they can communicate with each other whilst keeping up to date on all the latest brand and industry movements and complete online training modules. When joining a franchise such as Jamacia Blue you will receive support on a personal level, tailored to your needs and requests. You will receive specialised support staff including marketing consultants, operations consultants, food development consultants and a development manager plus many more who are all there to guide and assist you with all of your business operations needs ranging from menu design to operational issues.

Business Model. It is widely known that running a successful business requires a strong business model or plan. By joining a franchise you are joining a company that already has a tried and tested business model from which you can benefit. As a franchise partner you may wonder how much say you have in your business model, which of course varies between each franchise. At Jamaica Blue franchisees can have confidence in the established systems and resources which are some of the keys to the brands proven track record.

Networking. As part of the Jamaica Blue franchise team you not only acquire the company’s tried and tested business model, a nationally recognised brand name and multi-award winning status, but also a strong network of peers. You have the opportunity to share, discuss, advise and ask fellow franchisees in addition to Jamaica Blue’s expert Head Office team via a variety of mediums including marketing events, state meetings and via Jamaica Blue’s intranet platform, allowing you to expand and develop ideas whilst sharing experiences which may not be possible if you were to open a business privately.