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Do I need experience to own a café?

“A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm” – Charles M. Schwab.

Of course, previous business experience is a bonus in just about anything, but as a Jamaica Blue™ café owner previous business, or even industry experience is not a necessity.

How so? Jamaica Blue deliver comprehensive training to all franchisees and their staff, providing them with essential skills in areas including marketing, management, product and business operations, ensuring they are confident in the running of their café business. The level of this training speaks for itself with multiple coffee and barista awards won each year. The training programs delivered have been fine tuned over a period of more than 23 years, providing franchisees with relevant and reliable skills needed to successfully run a café business.

Not only do you receive this exceptional training, you also walk away as a certified Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). Australian law requires businesses that serve food to have at least one FSS on the premises during trade. With this credential built into your initial training, your café business will operate legally whilst providing extra confidence in the quality and safety of the food you are serving.

Buying a Jamaica Blue café business, therefore, should not be predominantly based on your previous experience, but more so on your passion for the industry and the Jamaica Blue brand. As quoted by the highly successful author, Napoleon Hill, “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.” We couldn’t agree more. It will take hard work and passion to build your business but with that comes fun and a rewarding journey as well. With a Jamaica Blue franchise you are provided with support in all aspects throughout your journey, giving you the confidence to run your very own café.