Our Ethiopian Single Origin Coffee is Balanced Perfection

At Jamaica Blue, we take ourselves seriously. Well, we take our coffee seriously! We’ve won awards and legions of fans around Australia for our reliably smooth in-house blend. Our aim is to always change our customers’ day for the better, by serving up their ideal cup. 

Every season, Jamaica Blue also presents a new Single Origin coffee for our discerning customers who are looking for something special. 

It’s available in-store but also to purchase in easy take home packs, so you can enjoy premium coffee in the comfort of your own home. 

Of course, the advantage of enjoying it at your local Jamaica Blue is that all our baristas are trained in the science of coffee, delivering the perfect temperature and consistency.

Try Uraga Grade 1 Single Origin at Your Local Jamaica Blue

In Autumn ’21 we introduced one of our favourite Single Origins ever, a natural processed Ethiopian coffee, the Uraga Grade 1 from Wolichu Wachu.

This coffee hails from Uraga in the Gudi region of Ethiopia, at an altitude level of 1927 – 1943. Heirloom coffee beans are grown using natural processes on micro farms, then washed at the Wolichu Wachu washing station in Uraga.

The region is famous for delicate fruits and florals; balanced with a light sweetness to produce an excellent mouthfeel.

The coffee cherries are hand-picked by small producers, fully washed and fermented. The skin and pulp is removed before being dried for 15 days to produce beans ready for roasting. 

Tasting notes of Uraga Grade 1 include nectarine, candied orange and nougat with a creamy yet delicate mouthfeel. 

What’s the Perfect Way to Enjoy Uraga Grade 1?

Try this beautiful Ethiopian coffee as an espresso or with your favourite dairy or plant-based milk. A targeted extraction time of between 28 and 30 seconds is recommended for the best results. All Jamaica Blue baristas are highly skilled, so you can rest assured that your coffee is in expert hands!

Enjoy a cup of Single Origin Uraga Grade 1 made just the way you like it, alone or complemented by a snack from our fresh and contemporary menu.

Remember, you can also buy Uraga Grade 1 coffee packs in-store to take home. 

Change your day with Single Origin at Jamaica Blue! Find your local store now.