Live a bit extra! Try our tasty range of extra blue items today.

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What does “Extra” mean?

You’ve probably come across the word “extra” being thrown around on social media and if you’re a little confused about what “extra” means as a slang term, don’t worry we’ve got you!

According to reputable source for all things slang & popular culture, Urban Dictionary defines “extra” as being “over the top, excessive, dramatic behaviour, way too much”, as well as “doing the absolute damn most. For no reason.” 

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To celebrate all things extra, we introduce:
The Blues!
We bring back our famed Blue Latte along with it’s very #ExtraBlue friends: the Blue Iced Tea & Blue Cheesecake. ???

Get to your local Jamaica Blue cafe TO TRY OUR NEW RANGE OF #EXTRABLUE ITEMS TODAY!

The limited edition Blue Latte is back as you’ve always loved it. This delicious drink is a hot chocolate at its heart, we’ve used a white chocolate decadence powder and adding a hit of blue curacao syrup making it #ExtraBlue. It’s caffine-free & 100% tasty! ??

If you’re looking for something cool & refreshing, try our new Blue Iced Tea. Something magical happens when you squeeze lemon into the drink ? it turns from blue to purple! Made with butterfly pea, lemongrass & ginger tea, you’ll be taken on an island escape!

Last but not least, the final member of The Blues is… the Blue Cheesecake! It is all natural, made with blue spirulina. With a choc shortbread shell, blueberry filling, cheesecake mixed with spirulina, fresh blueberries with Brookfarm cocoa granola… you’ll be sure to come back for more!

Don’t forget to show us how you do #ExtraBlue on socials! We’ll see you in cafe soon!