Jamaica Blue & ALIVE Project

Meet our charity partner!

We’re big on community and with all that’s happened in the last few years with COVID, we wanted to give back in a meaningful way.

Jamaica Blue is thrilled to be partnered nationally with ALIVE Project. The ALIVE Project is a community driven organisation of passionate people and partners dedicated to preventing suicide in young people in Australia.

This is an ongoing partnership to drive donations to a great cause that Jamaica Blue is also passionate about.

There are a number of ways Jamaica Blue will raise funds for the Alive Project. These include:

  • ONGOING DONATIONS via each stores fundraising page. For every $1000 raised in the store fundraising tally, that Jamaica Blue café team get to choose a School or Sporting Group in their local community to receive Alive’s mental health training.
  • DONATE HERE to support your local community
  • “THE BIG GIVE” Our National Campaign running 21st June – 17th July, 2022.

did you know?

  • The Mental Health crisis in young people is the worst it’s been for 10 years.
  • Suicide is now the number one cause of death in young people under 25 yrs.
  • 800,000 people die due to suicide every year. That is one life lost every 40 seconds. It’s got to stop.

the alive project is bringing a solution

The Alive Project works with the community to co-design Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategies and Programs for 10-25 year olds and their families.

The programs teach:

  • How to overcome stress, anxiety, bullying, and bad experiences.
  • How to manage behaviour challenges, motivation dips, feeling off track and down.
  • How to create a life you are excited to live.
  • PLUS helping parents get the reigns back in their hands to grow successful, happy children, who know who they are.

it costs only $25 to support one chiLd or young adult for a year

Watch the video below to learn about how Alive Project makes such a big impact to improve the mental health in our youth ?

what have the alive project acheived so far?

Because of community support, the Alive Project has reached:

  • 115,000 young people in over 100 new schools.
  • Upskilled 5,100 teachers and school youth workers.
  • 420 coaches and 500 parents of athletes in sporting clubs.
  • 7600 athletes in over 380 sporting cubs across 3 major sporting codes.

here’s how you can help!