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Planning for ‘Future You’ with Jamaica Blue

What does ‘future you’ look like? Are you running your own successful café, enjoying the freedom that comes with being your own boss?

While it’s been a strange time for all of us, this quiet period is actually a great time to lay the foundations for a business – and make ‘future you’ happen!

Here’s the Jamaica Blue guide to online business planning…

Research First, Netflix Later

Buying a café business is a dream for many; it also requires a lot of research and planning!

Instead of going down the rabbit hole of another Netflix marathon, serious entrepreneurs with a passion for hospitality have been making the most of this quiet period to do their homework.

Use this essential business guide to do your market research and make sure all your boxes are ticked.

Do your Due Diligence

If you’re thinking of joining a franchise, make sure it’s one backed by experience.

Jamaica Blue is owned by Foodco, one of Australia’s top franchise groups. With over 30 years’ experience in food retail.

With 120 Jamaica Blue stores across Australia, we’ve built a strong community following, backed by a reputation for fresh food, contemporary design, award-winning coffee and great customer service.

Look for a Supportive Mentor

All Jamaica Blue franchisees receive extensive support with store design and set up, comprehensive online training, business & marketing initiatives, field training and ongoing mentoring.

Chris from Fountain Gate Jamaica Blue says that our guidance has been a crucial part of making his franchise a success:

“If you’re new to the industry, being part of a franchise saves you a lot of money and time when it comes to acquiring new knowledge.”

We’ve also helped many of our franchisees stay afloat and stay sane throughout the pandemic.

“Foodco has provided so much assistance throughout Covid-19,” says Chris. “They provided financial support by reducing the Loyalty and Marketing contribution, plus gave us first-hand information about the ever-changing Government assistance and regulations.”

Debbie Mills of Jamaica Blue Secret Harbour says that our emotional support was huge for her. “The daily phone call to see how we’ve been going both personally and from a business perspective was so good. A fantastic credit to the whole team.”

Join a Brand Loved by the Community

Debbie also says she loves being part of a strong brand that’s valued by the community and seen as a social hub in a small town. Those relationships have kept them going.

“We received fantastic support from our customer base, who were generally concerned about our welfare when others were closing,” says Debbie.

Undertake the Application Process Online

We’ve sharpened up our online infrastructure so that the entire Jamaica Blue application process can take place remotely.

We’ll walk you through everything in detail on Zoom and also set up times for you to speak with other franchisees.

Train Yourself Up Through the Digital Portal

Once you’ve joined the Jamaica Blue family, you’ll have access to loads of interactive training resources through our online portal, before field training recommences.

Skill yourself up and hit the ground running; this is the perfect opportunity to get your ducks in a row and open a fresh, stylish Jamaica Blue store in time for summer.

Stop dreaming of ‘future you’ and make it a reality! Get in touch with the Jamaica Blue team to kickstart your journey today.