The first of three Single Origins released this October 2021, is a fully washed coffee is sourced from Kilimanjaro AA, Tanzania.

What is “Single Origin” you ask? 

When referring to coffee, single origin means the coffee beans have come from one region, as opposed to a blend. A roaster can then highlight specific flavours that are unique to certain farms or regions. This opens up an incredible world of coffee flavour with every sip. 

Introducing our Spring Single Origin – Kilimanjaro AA, Tanzania

This coffee is sourced from the Kilimanjaro Plantation, which is one of the oldest and most well established coffee plantations in Tanzania. This farm and its coffee benefit from its position on the southern slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro. The cool climate & well irrigated land offers nutrient rich soil, due to its combination of glacial water run-off and volcanic soil. This plantation has roughly 1.2 million coffee trees and promotes harmony with the native habitat, with self-sufficient water sources, wildlife corridors to ensure as little disruption to native fauna. This plantation also has a replenishment strategy to replant trees to offset cleared growing areas.

Upgrade your coffee drinking experience with our limited edition single origin coffee from Tanzania. This coffee provides mouth-watering tasting notes of blackcurrant, raisin & dark chocolatePair with a sweet side of our banana bread for a delicious afternoon pick me up 

Available to purchase at any Jamaica Blue cafe and online for a limited time only!

Country of origin

Coffee character

Natural, sun-dried. Picked at final stage of ripeness. Once these beans are brewed, you will taste notes of black cherry, milk chocolate and rosehip florals.

Notes of black cherry, milk chocolate and rosehip florals.

To serve:

Espresso, Long Black or Piccolo.


Pairs well with our Lemon Sugar Muffin – A Jamaica Blue classic!

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